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Forth Valley Enterprise C.I.C. 

Forth Valley Enterprise is a social enterprise operating a number fo projects in Scotland.

Our main aims are strengthening the local community, increasing community cohesion, reducing isolation, providing services which meet the community needs, providing training and volunteering opportunities.

Forth Valley Enterprise C.I.C. was established in 2012 by a couple dedicated to make a positive difference in their community.  

Apart from the small staff team we also have a group of dedicated volunteers, who very generously give their time.

The main aim of FVE is to develop and manage a number of services and projects, which will benefit the communities in Scotland. We want to provide services which are tailored to the local needs and answer a real need.

The first two services established were Gingerbread Community Cafe and a Catering service. 

Both services offered training and employment opportunities to local people, especially those who are disadvantaged in the labour market. The cafe offered a platform for local artists to display their work for sale.

In 2014 a new project started from within the cafe - Gingerbread Cookery School. The school offered free classes to single dads, teaching them how to prepare easy, healthy, tasty and affordable meals at home. We worked in partnership with Us Together. The Cookery School became a stand alone project following the closure of the cafe.

In 2015 a brand new pilot project started in Fife - Homeshare Scotland. This was the very first official Homeshare programme in Scotland, based on successful projects in England and the rest of the world.

FVE is run on a not for profit basis. The money raised through the projects is used to cover the considerable running costs of the services. Once the organisation is in the enviable position of having profits that are not needed to further develop the services , the surplus will be donated to local community projects and organisations.

FVE is aiming to become completely self sustainable eventually and not have to relay on grants to allow it to operate. That being said, we would not be able to able to achieve everything we have achieved so far without the help of our wonderful funders:

We have also benefited from the wealth of advice and guidance from Business Gateway and CVS Falkirk.

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